Our amazing photos are shot on locations around Nevada USA.  A special thanks to our talented team of models and photographers.  
Female Model: Mae Bueta
Photography: Max Lopez
Male Model: Thomas Canestraro 
Photography: Peaches Poker Pics


Tatiana Fox 

As the world shut down during the Covid -19 pandemic Tatiana Fox began experimenting with crystal jewelry.  In the middle of the global pandemic she launched Tierra Fox Crystals in July of 2020. You can read all about Tatiana on her website at:  tatianafox.com

At Tierra Fox we collaborate with other jewelry designers and release collections that we think our valued clients would love.  

Our current Lucky Collection is in conjunction with Silvana & Silv from Lava and Light.  Lava and Light is a co-creative collaboration between Sil Lava and Silvana to create beautiful, crystal jewelry that connects the wearer with the magical, spiritual & divine energy of Source Creation.



Sil lava has been involved in the fashion Industry for over 25 years. Having owned and managed boutiques in the heart of Melbourne for 12 years and then moving into the wholesale side of the industry for almost 14 years designing 
her denim and leather goods range which she supplied to various boutiques throughout the North and South of Australia.

Sil took a 3 year break to look after her elderly Mom, and in that time she decided she wanted to go down the energy healing path. That’s where her creative side kicked in again and created her range that incorporates beauty with rawness of her healing beads range.

Fully created and made in Melbourne Australia Sil has teamed up with Tierra Fox designing a exclusive range specifically for the man or woman who enjoys looking good as well as healing and bringing positive energy and prosperity into their lives.

Silvana’s career began in the sheepskin and leather industry in the Melbourne, Australia when she was 19. As a young single mother with no family, Silvana was determined to provide her son with a healthy, happy and abundant environment. She continuously flourished in her career and transitioned into the corporate world, as Executive Assistant to CEO’s of large multinational companies. She had a varied career which suited her ever expanding thirst for knowledge.

Over the last 20 years, Silvana has owned and operated her own business in cosmetic medicine and beauty, and many of her clients have been with her since the inception of her first business.  Her interest in spirituality, psychology and all things esoteric have intrigued her since childhood and she has spent much of her life studying numerology, astrology, tarot and developing her psychic abilities. Her strong connection to crystals comes from her direct connection with source creator. Each pair of crystal earrings is made with the pure intention of bringing the wearer the energy of love, beauty, wisdom, healing, abundance and passion that she imbues into every piece.