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Tierra fox Crystals

Crystal Mala

Crystal Mala

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Our version of the powerful Mala prayer beads with 108 AAA 6mm / 8mm high grade Amethyst round stones with a 2.5cm master bead heart in Amethyst.  We have a choice of 3 hearts. Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz to amplify your Mala. 

This Mala measures 100cm and can be worn double wrapped on the neck or on the wrist. Mala's made from crystal stones are incredibly powerful.

Amethyst is a protective stone and is a symbol of strong relationships and courage. No other gemstone but the beautiful violet amethyst can awaken the third-eye center, enhancing sensitivity and psychic abilities. 

Known as "the all purpose stone", Amethyst is a protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your life, and the symptoms that accompany it, namely headaches, fatigues, and anxiety. It also aids in cell regeneration (supporting your bones and joints) and is reputed to improve your skin.

The term 'mala' is a Sanskrit word for “meditation garland.” Originally, mala beads were used for a special style of meditation called Japa, which means, “to recite.” . Malas are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation, or count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions.

Care Instructions

Follow these steps to deep clean your jewellery:

Fill a clean bowl with lukewarm water (around 30°C) and add a few drops of mild, pH neutral dish detergent. ...Wash your jewellery in the water for up to two minutes, using your hands or a soft-bristled brush. ...Rinse with clean water, taking care to remove any traces of soap. Recharge in the sunlight or moonlight.

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