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Tierra fox Crystals



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Hand made with crystal stones and glass crystals multi necklace in red, black and white featuring a 3cm/1 inch heart Jet Crystal.  This necklace was was inspired by the colours of the poker card suits. 

Jet is a powerful protection and purification stone. Like most black or brown stones, it is grounding, and connects you with the powerful field of Earth energy beneath us. Grounding is an experience of being fully embodied and authentically present

Care Instructions

Follow these steps to deep clean your jewellery:

Fill a clean bowl with lukewarm water (around 30°C) and add a few drops of mild, pH neutral dish detergent. ...Wash your jewellery in the water for up to two minutes, using your hands or a soft-bristled brush. ...Rinse with clean water, taking care to remove any traces of soap. Recharge in the sunlight or moonlight.

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